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East Contra Costa County
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan


Overcoming Common Water Management Challenges Collaboratively

Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) is defined by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) as:“a collaborative effort to manage all aspects of water resources in a region. IRWM crosses jurisdictional, watershed, and political boundaries; involves multiple agencies, stakeholders, individuals, and groups; and attempts to address the issues and differing perspectives of all the entities involved through mutually beneficial solutions.”

The East Contra Costa County IRWM Region is a distinct geographic region covering 350 square miles, which is isolated from its neighboring regions by the ridge lines of Mt Diablo to the south and west, and the Delta waterways to the north and east.  The region has a long history of collaborative regional water management planning, starting with the preparation and implementation of an East County Water Management Plan in 1996, the development of a Functionally Equivalent IRWM Plan in 2005, the 2013 IRWM Plan Update and the 2015 IRWM Plan Update. The region was evaluated and formally accepted as an IRWM region by DWR in 2009. 

Funding Success! The IRWM Plan has facilitated the successful pursuit of grant funding for the region. Under Proposition 50, the region received $12.5 million and under Proposition 84, $2.66 million. In addition, individual agencies with projects included in the IRWM Plan have received approximately $15 million under Proposition 1E.

The ECCC IRWM’s most recent Proposition 84 funding success is a recommendation for $667,062 for three projects to offset water supply from the Delta through water recycling and conservation. 

Full funding recommendation results can be found here:

The region will continue to pursue funding under the Proposition 1 IRWM Program, which is anticipated to begin distributing funding in 2016.

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Public Meetings &
Opportunities for Participation:

  You are invited to attend any of the public meetings held by the East Contra Costa County IRWM's Governing Board, as well as other public workgroup meetings and workshops hosted periodically.

Dates, times and location for public meetings are below, and meeting materials are available on the
Related Documents page.

Upcoming Public Meetings


East Contra Costa County IRWM Region


Public Meetings

East Contra Costa County IRWM Region

Delta Conservancy Proposition 1 Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Grant Program

Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Grant Program

DWR Update for East Contra Costa IRWMP


East Contra Costa County IRWM Region

East County Water Management
Association Board Meeting


East County IRWM Region Meeting
Delta Diablo Sanitation District Board Room

East County IRWM Region Meeting
Meeting Summary

East County IRWM Region Meeting
Dec. 14, 2015
Meeting Summary

Bay Point MAC
Sept. 1, 2015

Bethel Island MAC
Sept. 8, 2015

Byron MAC
Sept. 16, 2015

Knightsen TAC
Oct. 27 , 2015

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